Storage Services

Going out of town for a year or a month or a week? New in the city and don’t trust anyone with your personal belongings? If these are the problems you are facing we are ones to look out to. We provide a vast range of storage spaces, different sizes, and with all the commodities along with it. Our storage space is in the most secure area and we provide full privacy at our storage locations. We have different sizes of storage available according to your requirements. We charge on the basis of your requirements you say it and we’ll do it for you.

The facilities that come along with the storage space are tidiness, all time AC service, closed space, and 24 hours access for you. We are giving you the most modern space rental solution for people and companies that need a place to store personal and professional items with practicality and security. If you are going to do a renovation, a long trip, or simply need more space at home, here at moversjoint will find a solution to store your belongings you want. We provide the most affordable storage space near your location.

Careful Handling

Our experienced professional movers are trained by our monthly training programs so that we can maintain the quality services as we promise.

No-Cost Cutting

We never use the same materials on another move. The risk factor of damaging the items increases when the material is used second time. We use the top of the line packing material to ensure the premium quality of service which we promise.

Experienced Packaging

Many years of experience, packers and carpenters are working under our hood, having the knowledge of the same work but from different perspectives that helps them along the way.

Space Saving

There are some hacks that only a professional knows to save space and align the items in such a way nothing gets compressed or damaged by the other items in the box, our packers don't waste the boxes space or overflow the items in the boxes.

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