Terms & Conditions

Scope of Work 

1. Our professional moving team will arrive at your move from location on the appointed day, along with all as per the requirement of packing materials. Our move supervisor will introduce himself and his crew and after an inspection of the goods to be moved, he will give the go ahead to the Packers to do their wonders. 

2. We will dismantle all the furniture items as per the requirement and we will pack everything and wrap the goods according to local move standards. Goods packing, by the nature of the move and distance involved, whilst maintaining and maximising the protection of your goods, we use a combination of carton boxes, corrugated sheets, cardboard wrapping sheet, blankets and stretch wrap for furniture items. 

3. Once the packing is completed, our crew will commence to load the items unto our covered vehicle and transport to your desired location. 

4. In the new house, we will unpack and reassemble only the items that we dismantle from the move out location into the move in location. Please note that our scope of work does not include fittings or assembly of any new items that were not transported by our team during the move. 

5. The furniture and other items will be placed as per your requirements and will provide you the white goods connection service. 

6. Upon completion of the job, we will collect and dispose of all unwanted packing debris. If you want to keep the boxes for a couple of days for you to unpack you can have them and call us when you are done so that we may collect it on a mutual date and time.

Scope is of work

7. Our team also confirms at the end if there is any pending task left or any damage, Please Note: In case of any damage, the customer needs to report the customer support team immediately on the move day before the move team leaves the customer location. Any damage reported afterwards, we will not be responsible for that damage and it cannot be claimed.

Operational Hours: Moversforce support channel is available all throughout the year and our Move operations are available and operational on Weekend and most public holidays. Moversforce move operations may not be available during the Eid Holidays in UAE. In the event of any bookings during the Eid Holidays it will be communicated prior to ensure smooth move operation. 

Booking Timings: Moversforce makes every effort in ensuring that the crew reaches on time as agreed. However, due to traffic conditions there might be a delay of up to 45 minutes to reach your location. We can assure you that your Tasks will be completed as per the scope agreed. 

Additional Truck/Material Requirements: Any of the Moving Jobs which are booked without a survey and/or it is booked online by the customer is based on a standard inventory selected at the time of booking. In the event another truck is required to handle the additional furniture items and/or boxes, AED 400 is chargeable per additional truck and AED 10 per additional box required to complete the job. 

Move Related Tasks & Completion Times: Moversforce commits to ensure every task is completed in due time and every effort is made to make the move experience hassle free. Most of the Moves are usually completed within a Day’s time except Commercial Moves and/or other large moves, which is specified at the time of the booking for the estimated time of completion of the move. If, however, there is a requirement to complete the move outside the specified times and requires additional trips from the Moving crew it is then chargeable on a case by case basis as per the scope of work required. 

Movement of Furniture through Stairs: In the event where the furniture or other move related items are too big to be moved through the elevator and have to be carried through the stairs, there is an applicable charge of AED 20/Item per floor.

Personal Belongings: Moversforce and any of its employees do not take any responsibility for Cash, Jewellery, Laptops or any such items and we strongly advise the customers not to leave these in any of the moving boxes which are to be carried by the moving crew. If required boxes can be provided in advance to pack these items personally. 

It’s all about Respect: Moversforce and its team ensure to provide the due respect to its valuable customers and if there is any disrespect shown, please feel free to let us know and the concerned person will be dealt strictly as per company policy. We expect the same from our valuable customers to give respect to our team members who are doing their best to ensure a hassle free move experience for you. If any abuse or disrespect is shown, Moversforce reserves the right to stop/cancel the move immediately and to report the incidence to local authorities. 


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